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Lemor Development Group is dedicated to preserving Central Harlem neighbourhoods through the acquisition and development of vacant and underperforming properties.
Lemor Development


As a leading owner, developer, operator, and manager of first class affordable housing in the NYC metro area – with a central focus on Harlem – Lemor Realty has managed assets since our founding.


With more than 750 units, Lemor Realty goes to extraordinary lengths to anticipate the needs and expectations of each tenant. Our property management personnel are committed to providing premium services.


The construction division provides an array of services to suit a wide variety of projects. Our experienced and meticulous in-house construction professionals are among the best in the business.

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Today’s portfolio must prioritize sustainability and building green. Over the past two years we have put all assets under our management through a rigorous “greening process” in concert with Consolidated Edison, NYSERDA, and Enterprise Green. Any project we develop or manage will have a substantial “green” or sustainable component.


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